BS group Bitumen Emulsion CRS1

Cationic Bitumen Emulsion Rapid Setting 1 Type

BS group Bitumen Emulsion CRS1 is specially designed water based Bitumen Emulsion with low viscosity and fast setting that makes it an ideal product for Tack Coat spray application. It is chocolate brown in color and is a free flowing liquid at ambient temperature. BS group Bitumen Emulsion CRS1 is manufactured strictly as per IS 8887: 2004.

 Track coated application is a light spray of Bitumen Emulsion, which may be hand or machine sprayed. It is used to ensure a good bond between an old and a new bituminous surfacing layer. It is normally applied very thin and evenly over the entire surface.


Typical properties




Test Result

 Viscosity at 50C (Saybolt Viscometer), Sec

20 – 100

22 – 30

 Residue on 600 Micron IS Sieve, % max


0.002 – 0.02

 Storage Stability after 24 hrs, % max


0.05 – 1.0

 Binder Residue by Evaporation, % min


61 – 62.5

 Average Setting time, minutes


≈ 15




At the following you can find some advantages of this product:

·         Environment friendly

·         No heating required

·         Cost efficient

·         Easy and uniform spray

·         Low temperature curing, fast setting time

·         High adhesive properties

·         Prevents slippage of structural layers



BS group Bitumen Emulsion RS1 is ideally suited for Tack Coat application and other applications will see below:

·         To ensure a proper bond between existing surface and the new bituminous course being placed over it.

·         To ensure longevity of the road, it is important that the new bituminous surface bonds firmly with underneath surface

·         To coat and bond loose mineral particle on the surface of the surface layer

·         To seal surface pores and make the surface water-resistant

·         To impart structural stability and prevent lateral movement of layer

·         To assist adhesion between the base and super impose surface course


Recommended Rate of Application


Quantity in Kg/10 m² Area

 Bitumen Surface

2 – 2.5

 Aged Bitumen Surface

2.5 – 3

 Primed Surface

2.5 – 3

Non Bitumen Surface


 Granular Base (Not Primed)

3.5 – 4.0

 Cement Concrete Pavement

3.0 – 3.5



To Ensure Best Result

·         Use without diluting Bitumen Emulsion with water

·         Use at ambient temperature

·         Roll the Bitumen Emulsion drums to and fro motion at a distance of minimum 5 meter



Handling and safety

·         Contains petroleum distillate; flammable: keep away from open fire, sparks or other ignition sources; wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles.

·         Fire flammable when wet, flash point 40°C.

·         Skin –avoid repeated or prolonged contact, if occurs remove with hand cleaner that removes oil or grease, then clean with soap and water.

·         Eyes contact could cause irritation, if contact occurs flush immediately with clean water.

·         Inhalation can cause dizziness, move immediately in fresh air if dizzy and if breathing difficulty persists administer oxygen.





Tools: Clean with kerosene.

Hands: Use a hand cleanser or kerosene followed by soap and water.



BS group Bitumen Emulsion RS1 is available in:

·         Bulk

·         MS / HDPE (RC) Drums 200 kg

·         MS / HDPE (New) Drums 200 kg



Production Standard

IS 8887: 2004