BS GROUP has been built based on research and development to achieve customer satisfaction and from the very beginning has tried to make this happen. The results of our efforts are economic awards and achievements, which we proudly present below.

In 2009, BS Group received the GOP (General Operating Permit) for the production of emulsion bitumen from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, and in 2016 its new license was obtained on the basis of its development phase in the production of various types of bitumen such as 40/50, 60/70, 85/100, MC, construction bitumen and so on.
The idea of ​​globalization and international branding is one of the long-term goals of the company. In this regard, many efforts have been made, and the result is to be an official member of the Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association (AEMA). This achievement, puts us among the best producers of bituminous products manufacturers.

BS GROUP through its foreign business development has been known as a member of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Joint Chamber of Iran-Afghanistan and Iran-Turkmenistan Commerce,and has been able to export some of its products such as emulsion bitumen and bitumen 60-70 to Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Empowering native and skilled workers has been our guiding development principles from the beginning, which has led to special awards that reflect our entrepreneurial spirit that runs in the company.
- 2010 third place in "The superior entrepreneur of the province"
- 2011 as "The superior entrepreneur youth of the country"
- 2012 nominee of the Aliakbar Festival
- 2015 first place in "Top Entrepreneurs of the Province"

Quality is the core objective of BS GROUP, not just an advertising slogan. We consider quality to be the most fundamental principle of respect for our customers. Therefore, we are proud to announce that our production has been carried out through far-reaching standardization in accordance with the requirements of Iranian National Standard, ISO 9001, ISO 10002 and ISO 10004.

Research and development has been and will be an inseparable part of BS GROUP. The official approval for research and development by the Industry and Trade and Mines Organization and also in the near future the research and development license is considered to be a great honor for BS GROUP. In this regard, we have supported several academic theses in the field of bitumen, road pavement, and improvement techniques on road construction.

In addition, BS GROUP is aiming to be recognized as a pole in the east of Iran by equipping its library and laboratory, so we invite all interested parties and researchers in the field of bitumen and road construction for cooperation. In the context of the localization of some technologies in the field of road construction, BS GROUP managed to patent the invention as an automatic control system for bitumen spreader and chip sealer. In addition, the company's membership as a technology unit in South Khorasan's Technology and Science Park also features our knowledge-based activities.

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BS group provides wide range of bituminous products and offers road maintenance solutions to clients base on their needs
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