BS group Bitumen Emulsion CRS2

Cationic Bitumen Emulsion Rapid Setting 2 Type

 BS group Bitumen Emulsion CRS2 is specially designed water based Bitumen Emulsion with high viscosity and fast setting time that makes it an ideal spraying product for road maintenance. It is chocolate brown in color and is a free flowing liquid at ambient temperature. BS group Bitumen Emulsion CRS2 is manufactured strictly conforming to IS 8887:2004.

  Typical properties



BS group Bitumen Emulsion RS2

1. Residue on 600 Micron IS Sieve , % Max


2. Viscosity @ 50C (Saybolt Viscometer), sec


3. Storage Stability after 24 Hour, %

Less than 1

4. Binder Residue by Evaporation, % Min


5. Coagulation at low temperature




 At the following you can find some advantages of this product:

 ·         No heating required thus eco-friendly

 ·         Cost efficient

 ·         Easy and even spray

 ·         Low temperature curing, fast setting time

 ·         High adhesive properties

 ·         Improves pavements service life

 ·         Helps in surface rejuvenation



 BS group Bitumen Emulsion RS2 is ideally suited for surface Dressing, Grouting and Penetration Macadam. You will see below more information about applications of this product:


Surface Dressing

It consists of application in one or two coats, each consisting of a layer of bituminous binder sprayed on a previously prepared base, followed by a cover of stone chips rolled in to form a wearing course. RS-2 type cationic bitumen emulsion is ideal for surface dressing on the shoulders and for protection of freshly laid base course. Typical rate of application for two coat surface dressing as per (MORTH&H) clause 510.2 is 28-32 kg/10sq.m.



For economical construction of low volume roads, a combined base and wearing courses can be made by an application of HPCPL RS-2 cationic bitumen emulsion on the laid and compacted aggregates. This application can be carried out even when the stone layer is damp.


Penetration Macadam

It consists of construction of one or more layer of compacted crushed coarse aggregates with alternate application of bituminous binder and key aggregate. to be used as a base course on road, subject to the requirements of the overall pavement design.


Sand Seal

A bituminous sand application for existing pavement surface to seal the surface and to function as a light-wearing course.



Recommended rate of application

 Typical rate of application of BS group Bitumen Emulsion RS2 for two coat surface dressing is
 28-32 kg/10 m2.



To ensure best results

 ·         Use without diluting Bitumen Emulsion with any solvent or water

 ·         Use at ambient temperature

 ·         Roll the Bitumen Emulsion drums 5 times before using



Handling and safety

 ·         Contains petroleum distillate; flammable: keep away from open fire, sparks or other ignition sources; wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles.

 ·         Fire flammable when wet, flash point 40°C.

 ·         Skin –avoid repeated or prolonged contact, if occurs remove with hand cleaner that removes oil or grease, then clean with soap and water.

 ·         Eyes contact could cause irritation, if contact occurs flush immediately with clean water Inhalation can cause dizziness, move immediately in fresh air if dizzy and if breathing difficulty persists administer oxygen.



 Tools: Clean with kerosene.

 Hands: Use a hand cleanser or kerosene followed by soap and water.




 BS group Bitumen Emulsion RS1 is available in:

 ·         Bulk

 ·         MS / HDPE (RC) Drums 200 kg

 ·         MS / HDPE (New) Drums 200 kg


 Production Standard

 IS 8887: 2004