Oxidized bitumen

Blown bitumen grade 115/15, 90/40, 150/5, 85/25, 90/15, 75/25, 95/25

Blown bitumen grades or Oxidized Bitumen are produced by passing air through the penetration grades in the controlled temperature. Oxidized bitumen characterized by being a product of great thermal amplitude. In fact, this special and controlled process gives the bitumen rubbery property more than its original formula and makes it simply harder bitumen.

Oxidized bitumen can be applied in any kind of work because it has flexibility to cold, has no sag at high temperatures and has good adhesion. they are typically used in roofing operation, pipe coating, under sealing for Portland cement concrete pavements, hydraulic application, sound dampening felts and under carriage sealant in the automotive industry, electric cable joint protection, joint filling compound, sealant compound, manufacture of paints and many others.  

BS group oxidized bitumen is available in different grade as 115/15, 90/40, 85/25, 85/25, 90/15, 95/25, 75/25, 150/5, 105/30. We are also capable of producing other grades of Blown Bitumen upon request by our customers.

Oxidized Bitumen high softening temperatures qualify them as excellent sealant for prevention from bleeding in high temperature applications. Blown Grade Bitumen shall be broken up into small pieces (for blown grade in molded cake form) and heated slowly to the application temperature of 220ºC to 230ºC. Some of the major advantages of Oxidized Bitumen are that it is completely water resistant, highly flexible and durable. Further, it is chemically very stable.

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