Pothole Patching

Pothole Patching

Patches are a common method of treating an area of localized distress. Patches can be either full-depth where they extend from the pavement surface to the sub grade or partial where they do not extend through the full depth of existing pavement .

Full-depth patches are necessary where the entire depth of pavement is distressed. Often times, the underlying base, sub base or sub grade material is the distresses root cause and will also need repair. Partial depth patches are used for pavement distresses like raveling, rutting, delamination and cracking where the depth of crack does not extend through the entire pavement depth.
 Patching material can be just about any HMA or cold mix asphalt material as well as certain types of slurries. Typically some form of HMA is used for permanent patches, while cold mix is often used for temporary emergency repairs.
Pothole Patching
One form of patching, pothole patching, probably receives the greatest amount of public attention. Pothole patching procedures cover a wide range of methods and intentions from permanent full-depth patches to temporary partial depth patches. Two general patching procedures are described next.

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