Road maintenance machinery

Asphalt distributor, chip sealer, micro surfacing paver, crack sealing machine and ...

Nowadays, technologies change very fast and update day by day to improve the productivity and reduce wasting materials and resources. One thing more that we can see in this improvement is specialization; for achieving to special goal we have special machine or equipment.

BS group is specialized in producing different grade of bitumen and one of our main products is bitumen emulsion. So BS group has decided to localize all technologies and machinery which are used in road maintenance technologies. What is the common between all of these technologies? Obviously bitumen emulsion. So we can improve our products as we improve some equipment in this field.

Design and produce the first full automatic asphalt distributor and also the first chip sealer in Iran, has been done in BS group because of following this approach.

Also We are able to provide all road maintenance equipment by our international partners help. We never think to just sale a product to our client, we try to found a long-term relationship with them by helping them to get best possible result and quality on their jobs. We provide and transfer technical knowledge, equipment and materials in field of road construction and road maintenance projects base on our client needs all over the world.

Technologies which we are ready to transfer to our clients by all technical and practical issues:

Fog seal

Chip seal

Slurry seal and micro-surfacing

Crack sealing

Producing bitumen emulsion, PMB, CRMB


Machinery which we produce and provide:

Asphalt distributors

Chip sealers

Slurry seal / micro surfacing paver machines

Crack sealing machines

Bitumen emulsion, PMB and CRMB plants

Cold recycle in place

Binding agent spreader

Hot mix asphalt plants

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BS group provides wide range of bituminous products and offers road maintenance solutions to clients base on their needs
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