BS group introduction

BS group, as a specialist in different bituminous products, has been established since 2006. It has grown from a small local manufacturing operation into a full-line distributor of bitumen, bitumen emulsions and high-quality industrial maintenance chemicals and related supplies. Our service domain began locally, reached to remote parts of the country very soon, and now we are happy to deliver our products and services to costumers across the globe. Now we provide our customers with a full package to help them solve road maintenance problems. This group consists of 3 business unit. The first unit focuses on producing different grade of asphalt and bitumen emulsion which is located in Birjand industrial zone, Iran.

The second unit is machinery unit which has been manufactured and provided road maintenance machines such as asphalt distributor, chip sealer machine, micro-surfacing machine, crack sealing machine, bitumen transportation and storage tanks and etc., since 2008 in Iran.

The last unit provides high-quality industrial maintenance chemicals as bitumen modifiers and additives, emulsifiers and Anti stripping Agents. BS group seeks to develop our productions by an ongoing relationship with research centers and universities.

BS group is a member of the Science and Technology Park of South Khorasan province because of registering several patents in the field of road construction machinery. We intend to innovate and focus on meeting customers’ needs by manufacturing high quality products and we have gladly exported our fine products to different costumers abroad. BS group cooperating with its international partners, tries to find the best solutions that maintenance projects demands. Problem solving at all levels, from the factory floor through the boardroom, choosing the suitable technology and equipment, providing superior quality of materials and feeling commitment for developing our quality even higher with continuous cooperation with standard-checking labs; are all some of the aspects that makes us unique in trading.


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