Asphalt Distributor PFA-b4000

Asphalt Distributor PFA-b4000

PFA-b series are Semi-automatic asphalt distributor is a highly precise measuring asphalt spreader. It is often used to road construction and maintenance of bridges, highways, tunnels, airports, municipal works. Common sizes for these types of asphalt distributor are 4000, 4500, 5000, 8000 and 13000 liter.

  These machines are equipped by a automatic heater that you can seat the asphalt temperature. In this series, operators able to change the width of the spray easily, because a pneumatic control system on cabin help them. Moreover, operators able to control the spray volume easily on the cabin.

So, two important differences of this series include:

Auto-burner controls burner's switch automatically.
Asphalt flow rate indicator can adjust spray volume.

Main Technology Parameter of PFA-b series

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