Cationic bitumen emulsion

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Bitumen Emulsion K2

BS group bitumen emulsion K2 is a cationic emulsion that contains 57% bitumen. In fact, K2 is a cationic medium setting emulsion as per British standards and it’s suitable for premix – carpet and pothole repair.

Asphalt emulsion K2 is in chocolate brown in color and is a free flowing liquid at ambient temperature and it is cold applied, liquid bitumen emulsions, used in the construction and repair of pavements, driveways, roads, and highways.


Typical properties of Bitumen emulsion K2

BS group K2 cationic bitumen emulsion is made according to KS 02-769: 1990 standard.




Particle charge


Residue on 710 um KS sieve (%)(m/m), maximum


Residue on 150 um KS sieve (g per 100 mL), maximum


Binder content (%)(m/m), minimum


Viscosity (degrees Engler (°E) at 20°C)

10 max.

Viscosity redwood No. II (s at 85°C)


Storage stability (long period test) % water content difference, maximum




At the following you can find some advantages of this product:

  • Environment friendly
  • No heating required
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy and uniform spray
  • Low temperature curing, fast setting time
  • High adhesive properties
  • Prevents slippage of structural layers




Emulsified emulsion K2 is used for pavement bases and surfaces as:

  • Plant mix (cold) with open-graded aggregate
  • Mixed-in-place with open-graded aggregate

Also, Bitumen Emulsion K2 is primarily used as a tack coat, to provide a bond between the existing surface and overlays e.g hot rolled asphalt, macadam and slurry seals, or between courses in road construction.

Typical rate of application of BS group Bitumen Emulsion K2 for Patch Repairing/Pot Hole Repairing is 7 % by weight of aggregates.

Tack Coat K2 cationic bitumen emulsion can be used at ambient temperature at the spray rate of 0.25 to 0.70 liter per square meter (0.05 to 0.15 gallon per square yard).



BS group Bitumen Emulsion K2 is available in:

  • Bulk
  • IBC Tank, Flexi Tank
  • Reconditioned steel drums 220 lit., Net Weight: 200 ± 3 Kg
  • New steel drums 220 lit., Net Weight: 200 ± 3 Kg




The Delivery can be done in all terms like: FOB, CFR and CIF for more information feel free to send us your inquiry.


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