Medium Curing cutback bitumen

MC30, MC70, MC250, MC800, MC3000

Bitumen MC30

BS group Bitumen MC30 is Medium-Curing Cutback Bitumen. Cutback asphalt use is restricted to patching materials for use in cold weather cutback,

MC-30 is medium curing (MC) cut-back asphalt consisting of penetration grade asphalt cement and diluents or cutter of medium volatility. The diluents temporarily reduces the viscosity of the asphalt cement for ease of handling and application. Cutback MC-30 use in the road maintenance industry where it is used as a prime coat of the base course prior to placing of the bituminous surface course. Cutback bitumen MC-30 is dissolved of bitumen in solvents of kerosene.


Typical properties of bitumen MC30

BS group guaranty quality of cutback MC-30 with arrangement of international inspector. By checking quality and quantity of bitumen on each shipment during loading to vessel. Also controlling the production by QC team via batch test report before shipping.

Here are properties of BS group Bitumen cutback MC30 which is classified by ASTM/EN15322:2009.


Bitumen MC 30



Test Method

Kinematic Viscosity@ 60°C (cSt)


ASTM D-2170

Flash Point (top open cuo) (°C)

38 min

ASTM D-3143

Water Content (%vol)

0.2 max


Distillate, %volume of total distillate to @ 360°C:


to 225°C

25 max


to 260°C


ASTM D-402

to 316°C



Residue from Distillation to 360°C (%Vol by difference)

50 min


Test on Residue from Distillation

Penetration @ 25°C (dmm)



Ductility @ 25°C (cm)

100 min

ASTM D-113

solubility in Trichloroethylene (%wt)

99 min

ASTM D-2042




Cutback bitumen MC-30 is suitable for primer sealing and can also be used in the manufacturing of asphalt pre-mix. Cutback bitumen are used extensively in sprayed sealing applications, particularly in colder weather where they proved improved initial stone retention due to their lower viscosity.

MC30 is a good choice for surface treatment projects as

  • Prime Coat on Tight Surface
  • Tack Coat
  • Road Mix


Typically, a single application of the appropriate cutback bitumen is sprayed onto the primed pavement onto which aggregate is laid.




BS group Bitumen MC30 is available in: Bulk and New Steel Drums (220 lit)



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